Serving Shelburne since 1985

We provide 24/7 emergency medical services to the Town of Shelburne, Vermont.

Pictured: Jacob Leopold, Chief of Shelburne Rescue, during a training exercise.
Photo credit: Lee Krohn

Shelburne Rescue

Who are we?

Located along the shores of Lake Champlain, south of Burlington VT, Shelburne is home to just over 7,000 residents.

Responding to over 1,450 calls per year; Shelburne Rescue provides emergency medical services and event medical coverage to the town of Shelburne and the surrounding communities.

With a combined 75+ years of experience, Shelburne Rescue is made up of both volunteer and paid staff, totaling just over 30 providers.

Our History

Shelburne Rescue was founded over 35 years ago. The squad initially operated in 1984 without an ambulance, serving as first responders in coordination with the Burlington Fire Department.

In order to meet the growing medical needs of the community, our first ambulance was purchased in 1988. Since its formation, the squad has grown to 30 members who respond to over 1,400 calls a year.

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Our Officers

A picture of Chief Jacob Leopold


Jacob Leopold

First Year at Shelburne: 2015
Certification Level: AEMT
Hometown: Georgia, VT
My why:
When I started rescue I was exploring new career paths and had recently volunteered with Team Rubicon USA. I loved the camaraderie with TR and getting to help others, so much so, that I wanted to volunteer closer to home to be able to do it more often. As I was living in Shelburne at the time, volunteering with Shelburne Rescue was the answer.

I started at rescue with zero EMS experience and since then have had the opportunity to learn from fantastic providers and contribute to the success and health of many providers and patients.

Training Officer

Indigo Eisendrath

First Year at Shelburne: 2018

Certification Level: Paramedic

Hometown: Rhode Island
My why:
I joined Shelburne Rescue to learn how to take care of patients experiencing a wide range of emergencies.

When I was in need medically, I had wonderful providers care for me and I wanted to pay this compassion and treatment forward.


Niranjana Das

First Year at Shelburne: 2021
Certification Level: 
Franklin, MA
My why:
I joined rescue to gain exposure to the medical field in hopes of becoming a physician one day.

I am grateful for the friendships I have made here and take immense pride in the service we provide.


Wendi Turner

First Year at Shelburne: 1988
Certification Level: 

Our Mutual Aid Partners

Whether its through joint operations or providing coverage when we are unable to take the call, our mutual aid partners play an important role in serving the Shelburne community.

Shelburne Rescue is fortunate to serve alongside our partners from the following agencies.